A comprehensive enterprise solution for your organisation

Track, monitor and control the organisational
resources for optimum utilisation



  • Streamlining sales management and increasing sales visibility
  • Controlling Sales Force & Optimising Sales performance
  • Gaining visibility over Secondary sales
  • Tracking sales force and efficiency
  • Tracking sales and distribution management
  • Tracking Warehouse and Inventory management


Our solution supports everything from sales to management. It is available anytime, anywhere, and almost on any device. It helps enterprises seize new opportunities and accelerate growth, while keeping their flexibility.

ESBApps IMS cater to all organisations responsible from installing products, maintaining the products and also organisation providing independent Services. Especially for the organisations which has following resources:

Create customers on the move

The sales executives of every organisation are mobile. ESBApps enables them to generate new customers even when they are on the move.

Select customers automatically based on location

GPS integrated apps makes it easier and more effective by notifying the executives about the customer’s location.

Book orders for customers

A satisfied customer means successful business. Our Apps are designed for the customer’s convenience by making it possible for the frontline employees to book orders for the customer.

Invoice and receipt prints

ESBApps provides cutting edge technology by enabling the executives to provide the hard copy of invoices and receipts on the go.

Real time stocks

The executives are well aware about the status of real time stocks through our tech filled apps.

Automation and control systems

Our range of services includes Energy Management and Control and GPS Based Systems.

Energy management and control

Energy Monitoring Primary Focus

Energy Management / Audit

Targeting 30% Energy Savings

Energy Optimisation

Prevent Electrical Accidents

Go Green – Reduce CO2, NOx& SO2

Carbon Credits

GPA based systems

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