Sales Force

Mortgage management based on Sales force


Mortgage Management Solution

Our mortgage management solution provides all required data and tools to sales representatives in real time to close deals faster and more effectively. The solution is for mobile and desktop devices which enhance the user experience.

One Trigger to rule

The solution is intuitive and easy to use. It integrates to the systems with a framework to develop trigger calls for different components in salesforce.

It minimizes the development cost and the time for the implementation and is very effective to integrate with latest changes.

Collection Management

The salesforce cloud based collection management product dramatically helps lenders define and automates the collection strategies and optimise customer interaction across channels.

It reduces technical, operational and collection costs and is very flexible to integrate with other systems. Through seamless integration, the solution helps put real-time mortgage-rate and customer information at the fingertips of the company’s sales representatives.

Loan Management

A benefit to faster loan processing times is better customer service. This cloud based Loan management tool provides a speedy processing of obtaining loan information and boosts the productivity.

The solution enables sales representatives to quickly close deals with prospective clients in turn providing excellent customer service.

It manages the whole life cycle of loan management from account to collection management, and also manages the brokerage, disbursement, billing and payments, fees etc.

The seamless integration with other system and saving management tools help in easy access to information and improved customer services.

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